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The W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research is home to Economic Development Quarterly (EDQ).

EDQ is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing and bringing to the attention of policymakers, decision makers, and researchers the latest quality research findings in economic development.

Upjohn’s mission, vision, and core values of providing unbiased quality research in the areas of employment policy, labor market analysis, and economic and workforce development initiatives closely align with that of EDQ’s mission to promote research supporting the formulation of evidence-based economic development policies, programs, and practices.

We invite you to browse our most current issue and encourage authors to submit research in the areas of Economic Development Theory, Location Theory, Economic Development Finance, Foreign Trade, Economic Development Incentives, Industry Studies, State and Local Economic Development Policy, Labor Economics and Workforce Policy, and Urban and Regional Economies. If you have any questions or need additional information please contact: George A. Erickcek, Corresponding Editor, or Claudette Robey, Managing Editor,, or phone EDQ at 269-385-0469.

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Latest Research Featured in Economic Development Quarterly

February 2018; 32(1)

Table of Contents

Research and Practice

College Scholarships as a Tool for Economic Development? Evidence from the Kalamazoo Promise
(Ashley Miller)

Human Capital and Intergenerational Mobility in U.S. Counties
(Minghao Li, Stephan J. Goetz, Bruce Weber)

Evaluating the Impact of Manufacturing Extension Services on Establishment Performance
(Clifford A. Lipscomb, Jan Youtie, Philip Shapira, Sanjay Arora, Andy Krause)

Industry Clusters and Regional Economic Performance: A Study Across U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas
(Timothy F. Slaper, Karter M. Harmon, Barry M. Rubin)

What Makes Business Incubation Work? Measuring the Influence of Incubator Quality and Regional Capacity on Incubator Outcomes
(Elsie Harper-Anderson, David A. Lewis)

State Health Insurance Regulation and Self-Employment Rates After the Great Recession: The Role of Guaranteed Issue Mandates
(Jacqueline Chattopadhyay)

Book Reviews

Handbook on the Geographies of Innovation
(reviewed by Gordon F. Mulligan)

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